Frequently Asked Questions

How do guest payments work and how do I get paid?

Most guests pay their rent online through our website or through one of the national portals like Airbnb or VRBO.  We then transfer the rent to you through a direct deposit into your bank account.  We also accept checks and money orders from guests.

How do you advertise your properties?

We market our properties through our website, social media, and other online channels including popular national search portals such as Airbnb and VRBO.

How do you price your properties? 

We use a combination of local market knowledge and dynamic pricing computer models to price your property to maximize revenue on a daily basis.

What is dynamic pricing? 

Dynamic pricing is a sophisticated way to utilize data to develop a pricing system that maximizes the revenue potential of your listing. To put it simply, it’s changing your pricing to match supply and demand.

How do you handle repairs and maintenance? 

Guests or owners can submit a maintenance request via our website or via email, phone, or text. As part of a national franchise system, we have maintenance staff who answers maintenance calls 24/7.  Our goal is full transparency of the maintenance process.

How do I know what is going on with my investment? 

Our online portal makes it quick and easy to access any information for your rental property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And certainly, we are available via phone, email, or text also.

Why shouldn’t I manage my property myself? 

Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly competitive, and you need to be able to compete with properties that have managers like us who use the tech guests now expect along with on-call customer service and more. Utilizing the right property management company can make you more money,
not less. Our experience will ensure that you enjoy an optimal return on investment for your rental property and peace of mind.

What makes you different? 

Probably a lot of things but one that stands out is we have the backing, support, and systems of a national franchise company but yet we are a small, locally owned franchise that is easy to work with.

Should I offer my property as a vacation rental and long-term rental?

As with many things, it depends. This is usually the main question rental owners ask themselves and the answer is often not obvious. However, we are likely the only company that can help you evaluate which direction will be most profitable for you and then help you make it a reality.

Ok I’m interested, what’s next?

Typically, the first step is to contact us and make an appointment for us to view your property. If we can’t view or you don’t own the property yet, we can often start with viewing an old online listing. We will then perform an analysis and provide you with our suggested pricing which is based on our market knowledge and dynamic pricing models. We will then use that pricing to provide you with a proforma financial model showing your expected income, expenses, and net
profits. There is no charge for any of this. You can then decide if you would like to use our services or not.

Do you accept all properties?

We do not accept all properties. Online reviews are a critical component of the vacation rental market. We partner with owners who have a like-minded goal with us to provide well-kept, comfortable properties that, when combined with our exceptional guest services, will provide excellent reviews.